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Hello Cora,

I was so excited writing that last email that I managed to mistype the link at the bottom. This one works and I assure you it is worth clicking :)

Today we want to share something very special with you!

Performed by 17-time Grammy award winning artist Sting, we are delighted to announce the launch of "The Hiring Chain", a new international communication campaign from CoorDown.

Please watch this video and share it far and wide:

#HiringChain sends the message to employers all over the world that hiring a person with Down syndrome not only changes the life of the person concerned, but can trigger a virtuous cycle of new opportunities for everyone.

For World Down Syndrome Day 2021, CoorDown takes up the challenge of the pandemic and the social crisis to affirm that job inclusion is not only a right to be guaranteed now more than ever for every person, but it brings benefits in the workplace and in society at large.

What can you do?

1. Share the video on social media with #HiringChain and #WorldDownSyndromeDay

2. Visit to find contact details for organisations around the world that can provide employers with information, support and encouragement to get people with Down syndrome into their workplace.

Thank you for supporting our work - we couldn't do this without you.

Thank you for reading,


Anna Sands

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Down Syndrome International

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