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What Would the Gettysburg Address Look Like in PowerPoint? 
By: Joey Asher

"Hi. I’m Abe Lincoln. My first slide lays out a timeline for our nation. As you can see reading from left to right, it really all started four score and seven years ago. . . .”

Of course that wouldn’t have done at all. But if there is any doubt that there is a growing backlash against PowerPoint, you need only look at the proliferation of PowerPoint spoofs on the Internet. A funny one is Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

There’s even a political party in Switzerland dedicated to reducing the number of lousy PowerPoint presentations. It’s called the Anti-PowerPoint Party.

For the record, Speechworks is not Anti-PowerPoint. And we’re not members of the Anti-PowerPoint Party. Visual aids can help your presentation have more impact. But PowerPoint is overused and misused.   Read more...

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